The Beautiful Nature of Curug Tujuh Cibolang Tourism

Curug Tujuh Panjalu, The Beautiful Water of The King

This destination is a waterfall that is up to 7 pieces. They are Waterfall One, Waterfall Two, Waterfall Three, Cibolang Waterfall, Simantaja Waterfall, Cileutik Waterfall, and Cibuluh Waterfall

This destination is at an altitude of 800-900 meters above sea level. Hilarious field configuration with air temperatures generally at 17-18 degrees Celsius.

To enjoy the beauty and beauty of the seventh waterfall we have to climb around the hill by using the path surrounded by Perum Perhutani pine forest.

The Beautiful Nature of Curug Tujuh Cibolang Tourism

Location and Accessibility of Waterfall Seven

Curug Tujuh Panjalu or also called Cibolang Waterfall is located in Sandingtaman Village, Panjalu District, at the foot of Mount Sawal. About 35 km from Ciamis City to the north.

For those who use public transportation, you can ride from Terminal Ciamis using Ciamis-Panjalu or from Bandung using Ciamis department via Panjalu.  To go to this tourist attraction can use four-wheeled vehicles and two wheels. Those who have a hobby of cycling can also use mountain bikes. 


Legend of the Curug 7

According to legend, Curug Tujuh is formed in the spring of a king. That said, in the past, there was a very long dry season in this region. There is no water and the soil is so dry that the people are afflicted with unfortunate prolonged.  Also read the Ciamis Cirahong Bridge which is Historic, Exotic and Mystical

This made the ruling king very concerned. He then imprisoned to beg for the rain to bring his country to recover as ever.  But that effort did not also get an answer from the Almighty. The king was even more sad, crying. 

But the miracle happened. The king's tears slowly turned into a puddle of water and grew increasingly larger to form a stream that eventually split and fell on seven cliffs. Then seven waterfalls were formed.

Of course it's just a myth.

Attraction from Curug 7

The tourism object of Curug Tujuh is suitable for those who have an adventure hobby. This is due to go to that location requires enough hard work to climb the hill.

However, the beautiful natural scenery and the atmosphere of the pine forest and nature of Mount Ciparang and the Cibolang mountain that surrounds it provides equal compensation.

The main attraction of this tourist attraction is the seventh waterfall. It is said that between the waterfalls flowing water is efficacious to cure diseases such as skin diseases, gout, rheumatism, and aches.

Special, the water never recedes even during the dry season.

In addition to bathing and enjoying the beauty of waterfall, this attraction can also be done camping.

Description of each waterfall   

Although there are seven of them, the distance between the waterfalls is not too far away, so that everything can be achieved within 2-3 hours. 

One waterfall is only about 50 m from the gate. This waterfall is the largest waterfall with a height of about 120 meters and a width of 20 meters. On the left, there is a flat cliff. This is where visitors gather.

The Beautiful Nature of Curug Tujuh Cibolang Tourism
First Waterfall
The second waterfall is about 1 km from the first waterfall. After that, we can visit three to five waterfalls.

While the third and fifth waterfalls and the position of the three waterfalls are above the four waterfalls, while the five waterfalls are underneath four waterfalls such as one waterfall and two which are located close together. The fourth cave (Cibolang waterfall) has a height of about 50 m with a width of about 5 meters. This waterfall also rises even though its level is short.

The Beautiful Nature of Curug Tujuh Cibolang Tourism
Fourth Waterfall
Fifth waterfall or Cimantaja waterfall, located under the fourth waterfall. So named after the word Cimata Raja or tears Raja. Curug this condition almost equal to the fourth waterfall. What distinguishes there is quite a lot of rocks & trees that are lush. In addition, it is said that there is often a rainbow.

Waterfall Seven
The fifth waterfall
Furthermore, the sixth waterfall (Curug Cileutik) & seventh (Curug Cibuluh) conditions are not exceeded high. About 30 meters. Visitors must be careful because the road to get there is very slippery & steep. After walking for a while we arrive at the sixth waterfall shaped like the letter S.

The seventh waterfall is under the sixth waterfall. In the seventh waterfall, there is a small 3-meter semicircular pond with greenish water.

The Beautiful Nature of Curug Tujuh Cibolang Tourism
seventh waterfall

Not far from the sixth & seventh waterfall there is an object in the form of a Railway Stone. So named because of the large stone shaped like train cars and lined up back as many as 12 pieces. Unfortunately, to reach this area is quite difficult and must be guided by the local community because it is really remote.

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