Ciung Wanara legends and ancient kingdom She

If going home through the southern lane, it's a good idea to stop by the Kamulyan Coral site in Karang Kamulyan Village, Cijeungjing District, Ciamis Regency, West Java. This site is located 7 kilometers before Banjar City. This site is on the edge of the highway that connects the City of Ciamis and Banjar

Ciung Wanara legends and ancient kingdom She

Sites believed to hold traces of the Galuh Purba royal heritage lie between 25.5 hectares of protected forest, with a variety of flora and fauna that grow there. While taking a break, you can visit there. Many food and beverage vendors, including typical Ciamis souvenir lined the roadside to the parking lot of the site

Rest while studying. At least that can be done. Now the site does not only belong to Ciamis Regency but also nationally because it includes Cultural Heritage Objects (BCB) protected by the government. On the site, there are traces of historical relics Galuh Purba complete with ancient relics. 

This was corroborated by the results of an investigation by the Team from the Bandung Institute of Archeology (Balar) led by Dr. Tony Jubiantoro in 1997. According to the Balar Team, Karangkamulyan was the sacred center of a kingdom in the 7th century. Karang kamulyan site is also closely related to the history of civilization of the major kingdoms in the archipelago, one of them is the legend of Ciung Wanara and Hariang Banga.

Everyone understood, Ciung Wanara was the founder of the kingdom of Pajajaran, whose descendants became kings in Pasundan. While the descendants of Hariang Banga went east of Java, then sent down kings, including the king of Majapahit. You could say, the ancient site was an important trace of the civilization of the Javanese kings in the next period, Hinduism-Buddhism and Islam.  

Inside the complex, there are a number of traces of the Purba kingdom, for example, Batu Pangcingkat, or the stone of the former throne and the place of king's deliberation. Then Panyabungan Ayam is believed to be the former place Ciung Wanara chickens chicken with Bondan Sarati. 

Karang Kamulyan

Next to the Chicken Connection there is a pile of stones called Sanghiyang Bedil or a storage area for weapons, then there is a stone symbol worship site, a spring source for Citeguh and Cirahayu, the tomb of Adipati Panaekan, Pamangkonan, batu Panyandaan where the rest is Ibu Ciung Wanara, and Patimuan Leuwi Sipatahunan, where Ciung wanara's baby was thrown into the Citanduy river. 

Who is the Galuh Purba king? He is Prabu Adimulya Sanghyang Cipta Permana. He served as king of Galuh Purba around the 7th century. He had two empresses, namely: Dewi Naganingrum who gave birth to Ciung Wanara and Dewi Pangrenyep who gave birth to Hariang Banga. Later, Ciung Wanara gave birth to Sundanese culture, while Hariang Banga gave birth to Javanese culture. 

Both princes were involved in the war to control the earth of Java, without winners and without losers, so their power is split. Ciung Wanara controls the Sunda level which covers the area of West Java, while Hariang Banga established a kingdom in the east, which includes East Java and Central Java.

The legend is enshrined in Sundanese chants, while in Java is immortalized in Javanese tembang stories. That is a piece of the legend of Galuh Purba. If you are interested, please visit there  

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