Dragon Village Tour in the Valley of Garut Hills West Java

Exoticism Kampung Naga Garut, Kampung Unik Located In The Valley Of The Hills

Kampung Naga is located on the highway that connects Tasikmalaya - Bandung through Garut, precisely in Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmaya Regency, West Java Provination.

Dragon Village Tour in the Valley of Garut Hills West Java

Kampung Naga is only inhabited by a group of people who are very strong hold the customs of her ancestral heritage. From most of them local residents who are in the location of this village, strongly reject the intervention from outside their village. Because this can damage the preservation of the culture and traditions of the village.

The difference is very clear, when compared with other communities outside Kampung Naga. The life of the local people of Kampung Naga is seen in the atmosphere of traditional and local wisdom of local wisdom in the life that is still very attached to everyday life. When we consider, the house in the location of Kampung Naga residents are like a mildew planted neatly lined, this is one of the attractions and uniqueness of the layout of the house in the area of this village.

kampung naga

The shape of the building and the layout of the house in Kampung Naga is similar to that of other houses. The roof is made of palm leaves, coconut leaves, or fibers as a ridge cover. The walls of houses and other buildings are only made of woven bamboo. Meanwhile the door is made of rattan fiber, which in front of it is repelled by reinforcements and according to the information Directory Directory receives from local guides, it is the belief of the ancestors who are still on the run by them.

pemukiman kampung naga

All buildings in Kampung Naga are facing north or south. Pile of stone is neatly arranged and made of natural materials is a typical style of architecture and ornaments Kampung Naga. And yet another unique and distinct thing in this village, all the houses are made equal, and this is one of the ancestral heritage that gives a discourse to keep away from envy and envy.

One of the livelihoods of Kampung Naga community is as a farmer. By the time the harvest season arrives, the community activities in this village from drying up to tidy rice grain that is dried in the field or road in the village area, we can see up close. The process they did was still in a simple and traditional way.

Entering the local homes in Kampung Naga, we can see the order of life of the people in preparing daily food in the simple kitchen. The fireplace he used was still very simple.

As for the other room, we can see a small room right family gathering or receiving guests. Usually this room was used as a place to stay for the guests of the men who come to stay at Kampung Naga this.

A learning from the local wisdom of the noble Kampung Naga community. They can mingle with modern society, are Muslim, but they still maintain strong customs from their ancestors to this day.

Various traditional ceremonies and Islamic holidays are routinely held in this village, as in the ceremony Moon of Maulud which begins with the process of watering or bathing in the River Ciwulan. The tourists or visitors who come can follow the process of traditional ceremony, with the desire to follow and obey the rules that have been set in this village.

From the experience of visiting Kampung Naga area, for the friends or readers who will make a visit at this location we should use tour guides native residents Kampung Naga. Usually, they await our arrival at the stalls near the parking lot near the Tugu Kujang Pusaka. In this area we can get acquainted with one of the local guide who will invite us into the Kampung Naga area.

For those of us who will stay at Kampung Naga, Garut. It is better to coordinate in advance with the local community and also chairman of Kampung Naga. And the important thing to be maintained there we must be able to follow the rules of what the elders of the village elders have set up near the parking lot of the notice board.

How to get to Kampung Naga Garut location is very easy, we can use private or public vehicles. If Travel Directory friends using private vehicles from Jakarta can follow the route of the road on the map below. Meanwhile, when using public transportation, we can use a bus vehicle to route Jakarta Garut or Tasik.

Tour Kampung Naga Garut not a holiday or any ordinary tourist. But more than that this is a holiday to get to know the traditions and culture with the local wisdom of a unique kampung community and still uphold the value of tradition and custom            

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