7 Amazing Natural Caves in Pangandaran Nature Reserve

If you are planning a vacation on the weekend and happened to be heading to Pangandaran Beach, there is no harm in taking time to visit the Parks and Nature Reserve just enjoy the beauty of stalactites and stalagmite caves that are formed naturally.

In the history of human civilization the cave is also often considered to have a certain mystical or historical value so that its existence is often sacred, it is usually in addition to the guides cave make jokes related to unique things that are in the cave so that visitors no longer feel afraid to visit the caves da Tourist Park.

Here are the amazing natural caves in Taman Wisata and Pangandaran Nature Reserve frequented by tourists:

1. Goa Parat (sacred cave)

Goa Parat

This cave is quite long about 200 meters and translucent word parat gua because, in paras sunda means transparency, it is said this cave is the spreader of Islamic patilasan in pananjung kingdom (Galuh pangauban) named Syeh Ahmad (Prince kasepuhan) and Sheikh Mohammed (Prince Kanoman )

The uniqueness of its uniqueness is:
Stalactite stones that resemble male and female genitals, Stalagtite Stones are similar to chicken thighs, Stalagmite Stones are similar to camel animals, Cikaracak stones, porcupines and bats.

2.Goa Miring (Goa Cemped)

Goa Miring (Goa Cemped)

The cave is a carbon cave, often called italic because to pierce this oblique cave should tilt the body, the uniqueness in this cave there is a stone resembling a pocong, kuntilanak, an angel stone or an angel of stone and skull bone.

3. Goa Sumur Mudah

Goa Sumur Mudah

This cave is said to be a cave of mudal well because once in this cave there is a spring that formed a well and water mudal (boiling) hence until now said cave of mudal well.


4. Goa Lanang 

Goa Lanang

This cave is a patilasan kingdom Pananjung (Galuh Pangauban) which was used as a palace while Kerajaan, said cave lanang because in this cave there are stones that form a boy-men who are out in circumcision, the other uniqueness in the cave there is a gamelan rock when used by hand can issue a tone. 

5. Stage Goa

This cave is called stage cave because its condition resembles like a stage, inside this cave there is a symbol of grave Mbah keep the sea (Kyai pancing benar ) nephew of Queen Ratu south coast (Dewi nyi loro kidul).

6. Goa Cirengganis

Is a cave that issued a spring that supposedly never dries even in the long dry season, another myth that the source of cirengganis springs can make younger.

7. Goa Karang Bolong

Coral Cave (Batu Bolong) where on the magnificent coral rock stands firmly in the middle of the sea there are stones (coral) is perforated, even if you are lucky or sea water in a state of ebb you can pass through the boat you ride so as to add pleasure in the tour water especially at Pangandaran beach. 

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